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About Us

Macalicious brings
gourmet mac and cheese
restaurant to Santa Fe

I t's the ultimate comfort food--a dish that can be dressed up or down--and rare are the people whose mouths don't water upon hearing its name: macaroni and cheese. From the boxed stuff people buy in neighborhood supermarkets to gourmet recipes published by the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart, this quintessential American dish is a longstanding favorite that takes most of us back to our childhoods.

Even TV cooking host Rachael Ray has been quoted as saying that it's the subject of one of the most frequent searches on her website.

Now, Santa Fe foodies can satiate their gourmet mac and cheese cravings Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the city's newest restaurant, the independently owned and operated Macalicious, now open at 226 N. Guadalupe Street, next door to Fire 'n Hops.

In recent months, gourmet macaroni and cheese restaurants have begun cropping up in major cities, and public response has been highly positive. Santa Fe resident and veteran restaurateur Theo Gio created the concept of Macalicious, which he describes as "an original restaurant that takes an ordinary side dish and elevates it to a superb entree by incorporating top of the line ingredients."

His eclectic menu incorporates fresh, local ingredients and top-of-the-line cheeses from across the country. "When we open, our menu will offer ten distinctive mac-and-cheese dishes, six different grilled cheese sandwiches and a complete menu of appetizers, salads and desserts.

"Customers are able to enjoy a diverse selection of flavors, including smoky, fruity, earthy, and spicy," says Gio. "The flavors of the Southwest have intrigued me ever since I was a young line cook cranking out burgers and burritos at a joint just outside of Disneyland in Anaheim, California."



Gio has a long and successful history in the restaurant industry and a knack for creating concepts embraced by the public. A native of western Pennsylvania, Gio returned to Pittsburgh from Anaheim. There, he managed several restaurants and led the openings of two others for contacts in the business.

Eventually, he determined that the time was right to open his own place. in 2003, he gave birth to his first original restaurant--MexiCasa, a Tex-Mex eatery in Pittsburgh that quickly became a popular destination at a time when Mexican restaurants were few and far between in the Pittsburgh area and there were even fewer that specialized in Tex-Mex dishes. "Our menu featured more than 30 different one-pound burritos," he recalls.

After several years of restaurant ownership in Pittsburgh, in 2015 he realized a longtime dream of relocating to New Mexico.

"I found myself attracted to the southwest once again, but rather than California, I was drawn to the heart of chili country--Santa Fe, New Mexico. After two years of living here full-time, I am as enamored of the city, its people and, of course, the gorgeous landscapes, as I was in the day ai first drove into town."

He adds. "We all love Mac and cheese, but most people probably haven't enjoyed it in the varieties of ways we're making it."

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