Theo Gio brings MacSantaFe to New Mexico


If you love macaroni & cheese, you’re ready to enjoy the wide variety of ways we are preparing it. And…MacSantaFe is as appetizing to say as it is to eat.

Who doesn’t smile when hearing the words “mac & cheese”? It’s the ultimate comfort food that takes us back to our childhood. MacSantaFe mac & cheese is the go-to food for all occasions. It can be dressed up or down—from lunch in the office or rainy day blues, to mountain picnics, wedding receptions, and Thanksgiving feasts.

By using fresh local ingredients and the best cheeses from the United States and Europe, our selection of tastes and textures please the palate. Everything is fresh made to order.

While Locals now have a place to go to satisfy all their mac & cheese cravings, out of state visitors are telling their friends to add it to their Santa Fe destination lists. It is our desire to bring you down-home satisfaction with a gourmet flair.

The prestigious title of “inventor of Mac & Cheese remains unclaimed. An unsigned recipe for the cheesealicious dish was penned in 1769. If you’re an American you can thank the appetite of Thomas Jefferson. The former president tasted Mac & Cheese on a trip to France and had to bring it home. Jefferson even served it at the 1802 state dinner.





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